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Khas Ubtan

Khas Ubtan

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Apply the Ubtan on the Face or any other part of the body in a sufficient amount. Gently massage for 2 or 3 minutes so it could penetrate into the skin pores (intra cellular spaces). Then leave it for 15 minute to let it dry. Then remove it by rubbing the skin gently. Then wash your skin with water.

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Husan Khas Ubtan is not just an Ubtan, it is a complete skin Glowing, Skin Polishing and Skin Protection Process. It penetrates deeper into the skin and cleans it thoroughly. It performs the exfoliating process and removes the layer of dead cells. It balances the oil & moisture quantity in the skin. It turns the oily skin to normal and the dull and dry skin into natural fresh skin. That is why the skin instantly becomes whiter, radiant and fair. Traditionally, Ubtan is the oldest and purest form of cosmetics that is still produced. Ubtan works as a magical mask for the face, made with simple and powerful ingredients. Which keeps your beauty forever. You can use it not only for weddings but also whenever you want to juggle your look.

Benefits of Husan Khas:

1: Skin Polish

2: Extra Glow

3: Anti-acne and pimple

4: Melanin

5: Dead Cells

6: UV Rays

7: Moisture




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Husan e Khas

3 reviews for Khas Ubtan

  1. Hooria

    Superb boht achy results han or itna sasta

  2. Faraz

    Very Good Product & Beautiful results

  3. Hira

    Superb mjhy timly mil gya tha apka parcel or ye ubtan boht acha ha

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