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Chandan Kayseri Ubtan

Chandan Kayseri Ubtan

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Apply the Ubtan on the face or any other part of the body in a sufficient amount. Gently massage for 2 or 3 minutes so it could penetrate into the skin pores (intra cellular spaces). Then leave it for 15 minutes to let it dry. Then remove it by rubbing the skin gently. Then wash your skin with water to remove the remaining Ubtan. Then apply facewash on every place you have applied the Ubtan and wash it out. (warm water is a better choice) then dry your skin with soft towel or tissue and apply the serum with tips of your fingers and spread it all over.

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It addresses the issues of blemishes, removes the pimple & debris and repairs the skin to convert it into a nourished, bright and soft skin. To get rid of black nose-heads this is the ultimate remedy. It is the best way to clean the dirt from your fingers, elbows, neck, feet etc. Moreover, it is also useful to clean the constant and rigid dirt from the under arms, inside of thighs and private parts etc. Because No other product is available for this purpose. Overall the combination of these three products has no match in market. It provides long lasting fairness and freshness that no other similar product can do. The frequent and repetitive use of Chandan Kayseri Ubtan, Facewash and Serum makes your skin young and smooth and reduces the signs of aging. It restores and increases your beauty and preserves it in a gentle way.

If you have the dream of problem-less skin, then Chandan Kayseri is the ultimate interpretation.


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Chandan Kayseri Gold


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